What is a logo

We come across logos in our daily lives; some on the clothes we wear, cars we drive, shops and even on the device you are using to view this post, but what exactly is a logo. A logo can be described as a symbol, name or trademark of a company. They are generally meant to visually communicate the distinctive identity of the brand and what it represents. People generally find it easier to remember a simple image over words alone, hence the saying that, a picture can tell a thousand words. Logos are quite important for a number of reasons.

  • They make a great first impression, inviting clients to interact with your brand
  • Helps in creating a brand image
  • Distinguishes your brand from the rest of competitors¬†

Where else can I use my logo?

The first rule of branding dictates that your logo must be placed anywhere your product, company, and brand are represented. That means your logo should be visible on your branding materials (websites, stationary, flyers and so on)

As an entrepreneur creating a logo should be ranked at the top of your list of priorities when starting a business. But how do you know a good logo?

A logo has to be simple yet meaningful, it needs to work in both greyscale and colour. A well made logo also needs to accommodate different sizes from as small as a brand on a pen to a large billboard. In a nutshell a good logo should be easy to read, scalable and distinct.

Can I register a logo?

Well the answer to that is a huge yes! With copyright issues it is highly advised that you register your logo as a trademark. This will register your logo as your intellectual property, reserving your exclusive right to use it how you see fit.  CIPA in Botswana can assist you with your logo registration and related proceedings.