Websites, what they are and do I need one?

Quite often we turn to the internet for information, entertainment, purchase of products and even for a chat with friends. To do all these we consult different websites with the most relevant content for our needs, but have you ever stopped for a second to ask yourself what a website is, how it works, and whether you need one?

Well to answer all these questions, most probably, let us start by defining a website! A website is a collection of publicly accessible, web pages linked together and also sharing a single domain name (website name like also known as a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). In simple terms a web page is the page you see on your browser whenever you visit a web address or search a query from any search engine. These pages can contain information like text, images, sound or videos.

    To simply explain how websites work, one has to start off by registering a domain name. The website content that you see will then be stored in a preferred web host server. This provides the technologies and services necessary for the website or webpage to be viewed on your browser whenever you call a website.

    Do I need to own a website?

    With the world quickly becoming digital, there are a number of reasons why we need websites – websites represents and inform potential clients about the different products and services your company offers. A company can also make use of a website to keep contact with different departments as well as distributing goods online. The use for websites is broad and pretty much depends on the needs of different consumers. Listing your website on your marketing materials and social media platforms increase the chances of catching the attention of potential clients and interested parties.

    Creating your website

    Technology advancements have made it much easier for you to create your own website with the aid of different website construction kits. Twin Zebras can help you create a professional website tailor-made to address your business needs and providing better solutions to your clients. We handle the technical part and allow you to carry on with your business. Contact us for your website development and hosting.